Pre-Planned Funerals

Pre planned ceremonies for funerals are a wonderful idea. They can be your way of saying a final farewell. The idea is similar to pre paid funerals. They allow you to have input into your own funeral and can ease the worry for family and friends who are usually left to arrange your funeral service.
If you arrange your own ceremony you will have input into how the ceremony will be presented, what content will be included, who will present it and any other requests you may have to make it a meaningful ceremony.
You may choose -

  • The Funeral Director of your liking.
  • Celebrant or Minister or other person willing to conduct the service.
  • Pallbearers
  • Family members, friends, associates or work colleagues to speak.
  • Psalms, songs or musical scores.
  • Prayers, readings, Poems or Stories
  • Person to play the bagpipes, piano, organ, harp or other musical instrument
  • Items to be displayed at the funeral
  • To be buried or cremated and say where your resting place will be.
  • To make a CD or DVD yourself to be presented at your funeral.

My position is to meet with you either at your home or my office. Discuss all options with you. With the information I collect from you and other family members, if you so wish, I will write your ceremony. A tribute fitting to the life you have lived.
You may have a part religious or secular ceremony. You may chose to have a secular ceremony but include psalms or prayers (eg) 23 rd Psalm or The Lords Prayer.
Once you have read and agreed with the ceremony I will present it to you in type form and electronically on CD. This will allow the script to be changed at any time. You will keep the information in a safe place with all your other important documents. Tell your family or executor what you have done so that they know where to find them on your passing and before the funeral.

Fees for preparing a Pre Planned Funeral Ceremony will be given once the Celebrant is aware of your needs.
This includes $100.00 deposit. (Non refundable)

  • Included in the fee is initial contact with you. This may take up to an hour and a half
  • A meeting with family or friends if required.
  • Crafting a ceremony appropriate to your needs.
  • All mail, telephone calls and emails.
  • Copy of Ceremony in type form and CD.
At the discretion of the celebrant, where the distance of the return journey from the Celebrants home to the meeting place with the client, exceeds 20km, there may be a surcharge of 70c per Km